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Interview with Dr. Cordis: What can you do to manage your stress and boost your immune system!

Dr. Penrose and Dr. Cordis discuss COVID-19, protests/racial injustices, kids learning remotely are all factors creating more stress for everyone! It starts with mental health and what you choose to focus on. Chronic stress causes the brain to release signals to the endocrine system that cause cortisol levels to stay high which decreases our immune system. We discuss practical strategies for stress management and how important it is to schedule de-stress times in your day. Simple practical tiny habits make all the difference over time. Managing your stress and keeping your cortisol levels down will decrease your risk for diseases and viruses. We also discuss nutrition and things that are found to help with your immune system during this time. We are not claiming to prevent COVID 19 with these strategies, but we are trying to help give you all the things you can do that will help you stay as healthy as possible and give you control over many areas when everyone feels they have very little control these days.

The Top 3 Reasons Knee Pain Is On The Rise During COVID

Dr. Penrose discusses that there are 3 main reasons people are having an increase in knee pain while staying home more due to COVID-19.. Some people are becoming too sedentary causing weakness and stiffness leading to pain of various kinds. Another group has decided this is a great time to take up more running from home and more walking and has created an overuse injury. Another group has knee pain due to starting a new work out routine and didn’t realize their body structure of their knees, hips, and feet place them at risk for injuries doing certain movements. Dr. Penrose discussed how she has helped each category and gives you ways to test your own movement and body structure at home to provide practical tips to use now. She highlights some patient stories to tell you how knee pain is treated differently from person to person and how slow motion gait analysis is so important in solving knee pain with walking and running.

The Surprises I Learned Delivering Telehealth During COVID

Dr. Penrose highlights 3 patient stories that discovered Telehealth was surprisingly convenient, effective, and delivered the outcome that each patient was seeking! Most payors are paying for Telehealth through the end of 2020. We are hoping it stays an option even longer to help people in situations that are remote, or travel or have kids at home use Telehealth. COVID 19 has taken many freedoms away from us and has caused various kinds of stress: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. We aren’t able to connect with people or experience things as we were intended. Physical Therapy is supposed to be in person! However, almost every patient we have seen “virtually” has found it to be helpful and effective! The 3 patients stories we highlighted all would’ve preferred in person therapy but afterwards found telehealth to be very effective.

Dr. Penrose’s new book: “Run Forever! Secrets to common running and walking injuries”

Dr. Penrose released her new book in March 2020. On the podcast she outlines the book and how it was developed as a practical way to help people with knee pain, back pain, achilles, hip and more. Dr. Penrose tells 2 patient stories to highlight what physical therapist’s do in order to fix your “medical diagnosis.” For example she tells a story of Amy diagnosed with “peroneal tendonitis” from her doctor. Amy went to 3 other providers for treatment: acupuncture, podiatry/orthotics, and a physical therapist that did exercises and deep tissue massage. None of the interventions “fixed the problem.” Amy could only walk 6 min before burning lower leg pain. Once a slow motion video analysis was done at Penrose PT we could see she had a foot type that stayed on the outer border too long and overworked those outer leg muscles causing the peroneal tendonitis. No amount of massage or exercise was going to fix this biomechanical issue. She needed a specific kind of orthotic that would help even out the forces as her foot struck the ground. She needed a device that would help her to use the inside arch and foot more and take load off the outer part of her leg that was getting peroneal tendonitis. You see a medical diagnosis such as “tendonitis” or “bursitis” or “piriformis syndrome” or “IT band syndrome” does not tell you ALL the causes of the pain. AND the causes can be multifactorial which is why you need a physical therapist that is good at analyzing structure and movement.

The Truths about Acupuncture: Interview with Christine Kulhawik, Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Functional Nutritional Provider

Dr. Penrose interviews Christine about her medical training in becoming a licensed acupuncturist. Christine also studied Chinese herbal medicine in China to complete her full understanding of Chinese medicine. Christine went on to become a “Functional Nutritional Provider” as well because many of the ailments we have come back to what we eat or what we fail to absorb. We discuss what acupuncture is and who it is for. We discuss common myths of acupuncture and what to expect during a visit. We discuss how acupuncture decreases acute pain and chronic pain. We discuss how acupuncture can also help with stress, anxiety, and sleep. Due to COVID we also talk about how acupuncture plays a role in helping the immune system and Christine highlights some key nutrients for fighting viruses. She touches on what you can do for sleep issues, stress, and nutrition. She is providing Telehealth visits and can walk someone through how to do self acupuncture points, health tips for digestion/nutrition, stress and sleep. She is a very comprehensive all natural provider.

Interview with Dominic Femiano, MD “Tendon injuries: Treatment, Prevention, and PRP/stem cell updates!”

Dr. Jennifer Penrose interviews Dr. Femiano regarding tendon problems. We discuss the difference between tendonitis, tendonosis, and best treatments at this time. We also discuss when to use ultrasound to image the tendon and PRP (platelet rich plasma) and stem cell results. The best thing is to prevent tendon problems in the first place and we discuss that as well!

Interview with Terese Jenks, MPO, LCO Prosthetic Resident. Options for arthritis, back pain, and amputees to stay mobile and active!

Dr. Jennifer Penrose interviews Terese Jenks, MPO, LCO Prosthetic Resident who has a passion for helping people stay as active as possible via bracing methods and prosthetic limbs. She has great ideas and she is willing to problem solve with you regarding arthritis, back pain, scoliosis, and prosthetic limbs. She explains her day to day work day in how she helps patients practically return to more mobility. She dives into the challenges and the victories working with Amputees.

Interview with Lando, Co-Owner of CrossFit Cloud City Athletics in Lacey, WA

Dr. Jennifer Penrose interviews “Lando” co-owner of CrossFit Cloud City Athletics in Lacey WA. We discuss Lando’s journey in opening CrossFit after being in the military. He talks about the myths surrounding CrossFit (even I had some misconceptions of CrossFit!). We discuss key concepts of fitness and how the warm-up and cool down and stretching/mobility is key to injury prevention. Lando loves learning and has a passion for developing solid work out programs. The best thing you can do for your health and enjoying life is investing in yourself. Start somewhere and do one step at a time.

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