The Top 3 Reasons Knee Pain Is On The Rise During COVID

Dr. Penrose discusses that there are 3 main reasons people are having an increase in knee pain while staying home more due to COVID-19.. Some people are becoming too sedentary causing weakness and stiffness leading to pain of various kinds. Another group has decided this is a great time to take up more running from home and more walking and has created an overuse injury. Another group has knee pain due to starting a new work out routine and didn’t realize their body structure of their knees, hips, and feet place them at risk for injuries doing certain movements. Dr. Penrose discussed how she has helped each category and gives you ways to test your own movement and body structure at home to provide practical tips to use now. She highlights some patient stories to tell you how knee pain is treated differently from person to person and how slow motion gait analysis is so important in solving knee pain with walking and running.

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